Oi Frog!

By Kes Gray & Jim Field (Hodder)

Oi Frog! is a fun rhyming caper through all the places animals sit.  It starts with Frog saying he does not want to do what everyone tells him to – and sit on a log. He wants to sit on a sofa. As you do.  Each animal tries to tell him what they sit on – from gophers on sofas to parrots on carrots, fleas on peas and lions on irons… the nutty places will have your little ones rhyming up a silly storm. And there’s a very funny twist at the end.

Created by award-winning author Kes Gray who is listed as one of the UK’s top ten authors. Oi Frog! is a follow up to Oi Dog! His first book Eat Your Peas is one of those classics every fussy eater (and their parents) should have.




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Categories: 0-3, 4-6, and Humour.

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