Nyambura Waits for the Bus

Written by Cath Alexander and Illustrated by Catherine Groenewald (Jacana)

Nyambura is a little girl who is going to visit her Gogo (granny). To get there she has to take a bus all on her own.  This doesn’t bother her – even though she has to wait in the queue for a LONG time.  She soon starts to think of all the lovely things her Gogo has done with her or taught her, from how to collect chicken eggs to making lovely bead bracelets and playing soccer.  When she suddenly wakens out of her day dream, the bus has arrived – and so has the rain!

Nyambura thinks of how she can help everyone caught in the rain.  When she arrives at her Gogo her arms are full of little gifts and she has a story about the special power of memories to share with her Gogo.

This is a sweet tale that will have your little ones looking at all the busy details in the warm and bright illustrations by Catherine Groenewald.  We love the growing number of books written by local authors about our African way of life with universal themes that will appeal to readers around the world. Read the book and encourage your little ones to think about all the things their Gogo, or Auntie, or Uncle does with them.  What can they think about when they have to wait for something?

Available in English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa.


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Categories: 0-3, 4-6, and African Story.

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