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  • Rebel Books for Girls

    Do you wish there were more books about kick-ass female heroes to share with your kids? Superwoman is all well and good but this book is the real deal. Real women doing extraordinary and inspiring things.
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  • Kids Books About Autism

    With the growth in diagnosis of children on the autism spectrum comes a growth of books for autistic children. Whether they are self-help manuals or feature an autistic hero or children battling anxiety issues, these books are so welcome and helpful in growing awareness and understanding of autism.
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  • Top Book Trends 2017

    What are the top book trends in children’s literature for 2017? Last year it was all Harry Potter and the wizard world returning through the Cursed Child books 1 and 2, graphic novels, colouring-in books and superheroes.
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  • Reading Books as Punishment?

    Teens who vandalised a historical African American school building in Virginia, USA, with racist, antisemitic and obscene graffiti were sentenced to read 35 books about racism, gender equality and anti-semitism.
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  • International Book Giving Day 2017

    Only two weeks until International Book Giving Day 2017! It’s the best way to transform Valentine’s Day into a day of giving love by giving books.
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  • The Whole Thing Together

    Big news on the YA front is that Ann Brashares, author of the bestselling Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, has a new book coming out. The Whole Thing Together follows two families connected by marriage, divorce and extended family ties.
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  • We’re All Wonders

    If you loved the hit book Wonder, about a boy with differences trying to be accepted in a world of conformity, look out for the spin-off picture book – We’re All Wonders – for younger kids.
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  • Dead Man’s Cove TV

    Lauren St John has signed a TV deal for Dead Man’s Cove, her award-winning children’s detective book in the Laura Marlin series.
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  • The Gift of a Library

    On a recent trip to the Western Cape for a family celebration, our family decided to gift a library to Nuystasie Primêre Skool outside Worcester. The library is dedicated to the memory of our mother, mother-in-law and grandmother, Gilly, who loved to read to all her children and grandchildren.
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  • New Harry Potter

    Have you got your hands on a copy of the latest Harry Potter And the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two? We have and we can’t wait to start reading it. Before we do, lets just give you the most important details:
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