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What do you think of children’s eBooks?

At one stage eBooks were the fastest growing sector of children’s publishing.  Everyone was sounding the death knell on paper books, bookstores, libraries, etc.  All major publishing houses have eBooks and apps sections and all major book selling sites such as Kalahari, Amazon, Exclusives have them too.  In addition to story books, the apps teaching children how to read had also increased exponentially and many parents were buying them hoping for a fast track to literacy. Today there’s a slightly different picture.  According to The Guardian, ‘while book sales through shops increased 7% in 2016, ebook sales declined by 4%. It
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7 Comprehension Strategies

In a world inundated with information it is more important than ever to know how to extract meaning and understanding from text and to be able to apply that elsewhere.  If your child is battling, try these comprehension strategies and help them to master this skill. 7 Strategies to Improve and Build Comprehension Skills. Sit with your child and ask them to read a paragraph or a few sentences to you – adjust according to their age: Make connections – connect what they are reading to what they already know about the world, themselves, etc. “This makes me think of our
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Metacognition or Deep Reading

Simply put, metacognition is the ability to think about thinking.  Metacognition implies an understanding of one’s own thought process.  When reading, we instinctively infer meaning, deduce what the characters will do, make associations between earlier texts or quiz ourselves to understand what is happening.  This goes beyond literal comprehension and factual knowledge. When we metacognise we put information in context, connecting it to prior knowledge, interpreting, analyzing and contrasting it to previously held understanding with a view to revising that understanding. We employ all these metacognitive skills to detect the deep meaning – which is why I call it deep
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